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Modern Day Mafia (From the Vito Lasala Journals)
KUT Inc.
Bloody Stream Incident
Sao Paulo Massacre
The Murder of Giovani Luchino
Sho Caliberi Destroys Luchino Family
Sho Caliberi
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The 21st Century Mafia- Taken from the journals of Vito Lasala

I have always been fascinated with the American gangster. But like most people, I thought that the Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, Stidda, ect. were mostly a thing of the past and that the present day "families" were mostly involved in legitimate buisiness such as casinos and unions. Little did I know that the exciting Hollywood style gun battles of old were still taking place to this day. I used to watch mob genre movies and think, "This would never happen" or "If this were to happen, it would be all over the news". But in January of 2007, I was able to "aquire" a copy of the journals that were written by deceased mafia boss Vito Lasala (I have 1 of only 4 copies of the journal). The events that Lasala wrote of were mind boggling, to say the least. Vito spoke of turf wars, disputes over casino properties, arms dealing, narcotics smuggling, and, most exciting of all, a present day "Murder Inc." that was made up of the best seven gunmen in the world (called  'KUT Inc'). After reading Vito Lasala's journals, I began to study the events he wrote about. Everything on this site is taken from the Vito Lasala journals (and journals of other mafia members), newspaper and television reports, and eyewitness accounts. And remember, what you see on this site didn't take place in the 20's 30's or 40's. Everything on this site has happened since the year 2000. This is the Mordern Day Mafia!

KUT (Knights of the Unassailing Tribunal) is a modern day Murder Inc.