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Modern Day Mafia (From the Vito Lasala Journals)

Sho Caliberi Destroys Luchino Family

KUT Inc.
Bloody Stream Incident
Sao Paulo Massacre
The Murder of Giovani Luchino
Sho Caliberi Destroys Luchino Family
Sho Caliberi
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Sonetti/Lasala family and KUT Inc. vs. Luchino family and Luchino allies

Salvatore Luchino wanted Sho Caliberi dead because of the death of his nephew, Giovani. But Antonio Sonetti and Vito Lasala refused to turn Sho over to him. Sho had been a loyal member to everyone in La Cosa Nostra, and to Vito Lasala, Sho was like a son. Vito even encouraged Sho to start dating his daughter, Britney Lasala. As the months went by, Sho and Britney fell in love, and became engaged. Vito was so happy by the engagement that he rented a billboard announcing the forth-coming marriage. But the hapiness was about to end. While in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Britney was attacked by seven men representing the Salvatore Luchino family. Britney was raped repeatedly by the seven men, beaten and burned with a car cigarette lighter, mutilated in her private parts, and finally, the seven men poured kerosine on her and set her on fire, burning her to death. To make matters worse, the seven Luchino men filmed the whole thing (as ordered) and a copy was sent to Vito Lasala. Nobody in the Sonetti/Lasala faction would watch the tape. Sho Caliberi said he needed to see it so that he could see who it was behind the murder. Vito Lasala's Journal reads: "They sent the tape of my soul being slaughtered. Sho kept saying that we needed to watch it so that we could see who did it. But I couldn't watch it. How could I? I pleaded with Sho not to watch it either. I love that kid like a son. I knew what it would do to him to see the love of his life murdered. And I knew he'd go after them. I didn't want him to go after them. I wanted to give him the money (it is unclear what money Vito is talking about here) and tell him to retire in the Bahamas. I didn't want to lose my 'son' after I'd just lost my daughter. But he watched it and he died inside. He was still alive, but he wasn't Sho. Then, I knew that I'd lost both him and Britney on the same day. Sho rounded up his crew and went to work." .......... Vito went on to say that Sho watched the tape and was able to identify one of the attackers (Vito said that Sho actually knew him well) and linking him to the Luchino family. Even though Sho got what he wanted from the tape, seeing his fiancee killed left him more enraged than he was before. Sho's lifelong friend Ephram Nelson's journal reads: "Sho just snapped. I felt sorry for him, but I was kinda scared too. I'd known that boy since he was 13, and I have never seen him like that, before or since. He was going to kill all those Luchino boys and anyone who stood in his way. So we didn't even try to talk him out of it. We were to scared." ......... The Luchino clan had only 4 more months before their destruction. As the months went by, body after body began to turn up. Salvatore Luchino's body was found dead by the same cause as the 7 men who attacked Britney; They had kerosine poured on them and they were burned to death.

According to Sho Caliberi's lifelong friend Ephram Nelson, Sho was born in Watts, L.A. California (The date of Sho's birth is unknown)