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Modern Day Mafia (From the Vito Lasala Journals)

The Murder of Giovani Luchino

KUT Inc.
Bloody Stream Incident
Sao Paulo Massacre
The Murder of Giovani Luchino
Sho Caliberi Destroys Luchino Family
Sho Caliberi
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Giovani Luchino (of the Luchino Family) is killed by KUT Inc. Boss SHO Caliberi

Salvatore Luchino was involved in many buisnesses, but one of  his most lucrative ones was, ironically, his beef cattle ranch in Brazil.

(Courtesy of the Vito Lasala Journals) Sho Caliberi's first job with the Sonetti/Lasala clan was to protect the dancers at a Lasala owned strip club in Rio De Janeiro. 13 girls had been assaulted, raped, and robbed within 1 month as they walked to their cars after their shift. Sho Caliberi had been given strict orders; kill anyone who tried to attack the girls. Giovani Luchino was dating Maria Mendoza, a stripper at the club. One night, after filling himself full of liquer, Giovani pulled into the clubs parking lot and waited for Maria's shift to end. When her shift was over and she went to the parking lot, Giovani jumped out of his car and ran to Maria, yelling and screaming at her and accusing her of cheating. The doorman informed Sho, who was still inside the club, of what was taking place (why Sho didn't walk Maria to her car was unknown even to Vito). By the time Sho arrived in the parking lot, Maria was beaten to a bloody pulp. Sho recognized Giovani as the nephew of Luchino Family boss Salvatore Luchino and, out of respect for Salvatore, didn't kill Giovani. But damage was done. According to Vito Lasala (on page 122 of his journal), "Sho beat the fuck outta Giovani. Sho broke Gio's right wrist and forearm, seperated his left shoulder, broke his nose and 6 of his ribs, and dislocated his left kneecap. Then, Sho patted Gio on the ass with a shovel and said 'next time I won't hurt you like this. I'll give you this and have you dig first, and I'll do you in quick'. "......Fast-Foward six months. Same club, same girl, almost same exact situation. Except that this time, Sho wasn't there to help Maria (he was no longer club security as he had become boss of KUT by this time). Maria was hospitalized with her injuries. Sho personally flew to Rio De Janeiro. Giovani's body was found in the middle of the busy streets, mutilated. Neck and wrists slashed to the bone (this was KUT's calling card) and a dozen or more stab wounds cuased by a screwdriver. When Salvatore Luchino learned of his nephews death, he contacted Antonio Sonetti an Vito Lasala (although KUT was supposed to be unbiased, Sho's loyalty was obviously to the Sonetti/Lasala faction) and demanded that they turn Sho over. They refused. What happened next was considered the bloodiest gang war ever, pitting the Sonetti/Lasala family and KUT against the Luchino family and the Luchino allies.

The bad blood between Giovani Luchino and Sho Caliberi started when, according to Vito Lasala, Giovani got drunk and "spoke inappropriatly" to Sho's girlfriend and Vito's daughter, Britney Lasala, at a party. Says Vito: "I had to talk Sho outta taking Giovani's life from him."