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Modern Day Mafia (From the Vito Lasala Journals)

Sao Paulo Massacre

KUT Inc.
Bloody Stream Incident
Sao Paulo Massacre
The Murder of Giovani Luchino
Sho Caliberi Destroys Luchino Family
Sho Caliberi
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KUT Inc. and the Sao Paulo Massacre

Six men from one of the La Cosa Nostra families were in Sao Paulo, Brazil at a club, playing cards and drinking. The crimes that these men commited against the families is unknown, as is exactly who they were. What is known is that Sho Caliberi and another, unknown member of KUT Inc. (it was probably Joey Capanella with Sho) walked up to the card table, said a few words, and then got into a heated debate. Then, one of the six men started to reach for a gun in his shoulder holster and Sho pulled out 2 automatic hand guns and killed the six men with six shots to the head, all before anyone else could even get their guns out of their holsters. Here is an account from an eyewitness (courtesy of "Sao Paulo Today")............"They were all (the six men) just sitting there playing cards, laughing, drinking, having a good time. Then, these other two guys came in and the look of them grabbed your attention immediatly. They were so confident in the way they moved, as if they knew what they were going to do and nobody could stop them. One of the guys had scars all over his face and arms (probably Joey Capanella) and the other was a very young man who was tall and thin but looked like he was about 15 years old in the face despite the fact that he had a goatee (this "young man" was Sho Caliberi). They all talked for a second, and then the young one (Sho) spoke in Portuguese saying, 'Don't play dumb. You know what you did. You know who I am and why I'm here'. Then, one of the six started yelling and one of the other six men started to reach in his jacket. When that happened, they all started to reach for their guns. Then, all of a sudden, the young one reached for his hips and pulled out 2 guns. Everybody looked like they were moving in slow motion except for the young one. He shot so fast that it sounded like one long explosion instead of six individual blasts. He got them all in the head. I've never seen nothing like it. That young one moved so fast; I mean, you couldn't even see his hands move. It was just a blur. The other guys had their hands on their guns before the young one even moved, and he still was able to fire six perfect shots and kill them all before they could get their guns out. I don't think he's human. No human could be that fast and that cold-hearted. After it was all over, the young one looked down at the six dead bodies and kind of gave a smirk, then him and his partner left, looking like nothing happened, like they didn't have a care in the world." ........... It was this incident that caused a lot of fear for alot of mafia bosses. They didn't think it good for one organization/man to have that much ability and power. After this incident, a contract for $15 million dollars was reportedly put out on Sho Caliberi. Judging by this eyewitness account (and that of others who were there), whoever tried to collect the reward would surely earn it.

Sho Caliberi is considered by many to be the "Fastest gun in the Universe"