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Modern Day Mafia (From the Vito Lasala Journals)

KUT Inc. (the new Murder Inc.)

KUT Inc.
Bloody Stream Incident
Sao Paulo Massacre
The Murder of Giovani Luchino
Sho Caliberi Destroys Luchino Family
Sho Caliberi
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KUT Inc.- The hired gunmen of the MAFIA

KUT Inc. is a seven man organization that has been compared to the "Murder Inc." organization of the early and mid 20th century. KUT (Knights of the Unassailing Tribunal) Inc. was the idea of Mafia boss Antonio Sonetti who seen the need to establish an unbiased organization to "deal with" crimes that were taking place within the families. Even though KUT Inc. is commonly thought of as being a faction of La Cosa Nostra, the organization is completely independent and seperate from all of the Mafia syndicates. The seven men of KUT Inc. have hired out their "services" to alot of different organized crime syndicates including The Brazilian Mafia, Columbian Drug Cartel, Stidda, Cosa Nuova, and La Cosa Nostra, as well as independent organized crime syndicates (primarily in Brazil and Columbia). Below is an entry from the journal of arms-dealer Ephram Nelson. Nelson is a former Navy SEAL who spent time in the Sonetti/Lasala clan.         ........."In the year of 1998, a number of young, ambitious luetinants in the Brotherhood (MAFIA) began to defy their bosses by waging a war against each other in an effort to attain more control, more money, and more power. Alliances that had stood for 30 years were broken as friendly rivalries turned into bloody wars. Over the next six years, battles ensued over domination of weapons and narcotics flow, casino properties, and the control of unions. The bosses of the families were afraid that their greedy luetinants were going to destroy the families from within, and therefore decided to form an organization consisting of best 7 gunmen from the brotherhood. The bosses hoped that the 7 gunmen of this new organization could re-establish order amongst the families. The organization would not be controlled or influenced by any one faction of the brotherhood so that they could be unbiased and unsavory on the handling of the injustices from within. The organization would be judge, jury, and executioner, and would become known as 'KUT', which stands for Knights of the Unassailing Tribunal. The seven men of KUT had final say on every crime and punishment within the families and therefore, the 7 gunmen of KUT answered to no one. When someone from one of the families had a complaint or disagreement about another member, KUT would step in and decide who was in the wrong and what the punishment would be. Every young La Cosa Nostra recruit dreamed of one day graduating to this elite organization, and for good reason; to live KUT was to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, with no fear, no regrets, and no reprocussions. But it was the hardest group to get into. There are thousands of La Cosa Nostra soldiers, but only seven KUT gunmen. But those 7 were the best of the best. The training was so brutal that of the 112 men selected to audition, 73 died. The training made BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEALS training- this is the training that the U.S. Navy SEALS go through) look like ballet class. They went through hand to hand combat and weapons training, and the top seven were selected. Within 6 months, the KUT gunmen had cleaned up the mess in the brotherhood. For their outstanding work, the bosses awarded the 7 KUT members with the highest honor possible; Lifetime protection." ....... Ephram went on to say that after "cleaning up the mess" in La Cosa Nostra, KUT went on to work for a number of other crime syndicates. He also went on to say that some mob bosses put out "contracts" for the death of the KUT gunmen because they didn't like anybody having so much power. KUT Inc. was literally the judge, jury, and executioner, as they were given authority to hand out or veto any and every crime and punishment within the MAFIA. The members of KUT were Joey Capanella, Tommy Mangini, Luey Farrelli, Marty Ranza, Johnny Carella, Mikey Ruso, and the boss of KUT was Sho Caliberi. Between the demanding training and their young but fearless boss Sho Caliberi, KUT Inc. became a fearsome fighting unit. After re-establishing order within LCN, the men of KUT began to hire out their guns to other organized crime syndicates, mostly in South America. KUT Inc. disbanded and each surviving member moved on to new careers. Joey Capanella and Tommy Mangini are now the co-bosses of the Sonetti/Lasala family. Luey Farrelli was killed in a battle called "The Sao Paulo Trials". Marty Ranza took over Antonio Sonetti's prize fighting events. Johnny Carella oversees a number of labor unions. Mikey Ruso was killed in Rio De Janiero Brazil in an incident dubbed "Luchino Mob Massacre". Sho Caliberi became a hip-hop/r&b recording artist. The 5 surviving men are said to be close to this day.